Behind the Scene: A zine that visualizes information about food production in the U.S.

Duration: April 2019 - June 2019            Team: Individual Project

Often time when we think about food, these are the questions that immediately come up in our mind: Does it taste good? How much does it cost? Is it beneficial for our body? 

Though these aspects are definitely important for our individual well-being, there are more at stakes in the food production industry. How food is produced not only affects us as consumers but also the people who put in their labor to prepare our food for us, from farmers to food workers. I reflected on this oftentimes neglected aspect of food and created my design response to the topic.

I designed a 20-page, staple binding zine,Behind the Scene: Food Production in the U.S.”. The zine intends to answer the key question of “Where does our daily food come from?” while also discuss the ongoing changes and challenges in the food industry.

The zine is composed of 3 main sections: Farming, Processing, and Retailing.

Here are some spreads from the sections.